PANTONE 컬러체커 패스포트 / MSCCPP (VAT별도)
[ColorChecker Passport] (해외배송 가능상품)

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상품명 PANTONE 컬러체커 패스포트 / MSCCPP (VAT별도)
[ColorChecker Passport]
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PANTONE 컬러체커 패스포트 / MSCCPP (VAT별도)
[ColorChecker Passport]
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- White Balance, Classic and Creative Enhancement Targets
- Desktop and Adobe® Lightroom® Plug-In Camera Calibration software for creating DNG profiles
- Includes lanyard and interactive training

- In-Camera White Balancing - Having a consistent white point in a set of images reduces editing time, eliminating the need to individually adapt white points per image.
- Visual Color Controls -Check and control shadow details or highlight clipping.
- Fully Supports the RAW Workflow -Enables any shot in a representative lighting to be used to create a profile as well as to correct exposure, color and white balance. Corrections from one image can be applied to hundreds of shots taken in the same lighting.
- Maintain Consistent Color Between Different Cameras and Lenses.
- Size : 170mm x 125mm (open)


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